Hi, I am Andreas, currently a Bachelor's student of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University. I am especially interested in cognitive (neuro)science, machine learning, and autonomous systems. I am a very curious person and eager to learn more things. Besides my study, I enjoy photographing a lot, especially motorsport photography. You can view some of this on my photography page.

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Cognitive Science &
Artificial Intelligence

Like I said before, I am a student of Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence. I am currently in my first year, but I am eager to learn more. I hope to obtain new skills rapidly.

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I like photography in general, but I especially enjoy motorsport photography. As a student, I have not been able to go to that many events, but I love it a lot.

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Even though currently I am not using my skills for web development that much, I have experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

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